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The following vehicle(s) will be sold at public auction at Martin Services Inc., 1750 Littrell Lane, McKinney, TX 75071, on December 6th, 2021 provided they are not claimed by the registered owner or lien holder. Failure to exercise their right to reclaim the vehicle(s) within the time provided constitutes a waiver by the owner or lien holder of all rights, title, and interest in the vehicle(s) and their consent to the sale of the abandoned vehicle(s) at public auction. The vehicle(s) may be inspected prior to the sale by contacting the storage facility listed below. This sale is pursuant to Section 5.04 of Article V of the Texas Litter Abatement Act, relating to vehicles left in storage facilities.
Year Make Model License Plate VIN
2007 INFI M3S JNKAY01E57M313912
2013 CHEV CRU HDZ5706 1G1PA5SH6D7277527
2007 BUICK LUC DSP3162 1G4HD57227U124264
2017 NISS ROG JZJ7942 KNMAT2MT4HP610451
2016 TOYT CAM NFL9480 4T1BF1FK7GU266801
2000 NISS XTR 5N1ED28T0YC570557
1996 WANC VAN 18397U6 1JJV532T4TL236269
2013 HONDA PCX150 907U3G MLHKF1215D5007924
2001 FORD E350 VANS 1FBSS31L21HB55878
2012 NISS ALT MVB3647 1N4AL2AP6CC214101
2012 CHEV CLT 2G1FB1E37C9156181
1991 CHEV VN BMP3772 1GCHP32KXM3305279
2006 HONDA CIVIC NBT3784 1HGFA16566L058459
2000 CHEV MALIBU 1G1NE52J1Y6191293
2004 TOYT CTR CD6P323 2T1KR32E74C205089
2015 DODG DAR MCG1449 1C3CDFAA8FD363289
2003 HONDA AEX BJ6Y186 JHMCM56693C026074
1999 HONDA AEX JHMCG5650XC043141
2014 NISS LEAF KKD8923 1N4AZ0CP8EC338261
2014 MAZDA 3 NNN2669 JM1BM1K74E1199858
2014 FORD FOC FJY1635 1FADP3F2XEL390317
2009 MAZDA MZ6 1YVHP82B895M02547
2005 TOYT COR JLL330 2T1KR32E75C452016
2015 JEEP PATR 1C4NJPBA0FD367581
2008 VOLKS JETTA 3VWRM71K08M067465
2004 MERZ S5M WDBNG84J94A387746
2016 TOYT COR NMM4716 5YFBURHE8GP511442
2003 FORD ECO JCY5754 1FDRE14W33HB90472
2004 PONT GRA PFV3423 1G2NF52E14C120389
2001 HOND CLX GL13DC JHMES16581S006657
2008 HYUN SON PPX6564 5NPET46C58H362099
2013 HYUN ELA MWJ0162 5NPDH4AE0DH270074
2005 HONDA ODY 5FNRL38845B007049
2020 KAWK ZX1 478H4J JKBZXVF17LA003109
2020 NISS ROG NMT6888 JN8AT2MTXLW032343
2013 DODGE AVN NYR9540 1C3CDZAG8DN757016
Martin Services Inc.
1750 Littrell Lane, McKinney, TX 75071
Texas Dept. of Transportation Vehicle Storage Facility, License #0657256




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