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B Brewer's Permit
BA Manufacturer's License
BE Beer retail dealer's on-premise license
BF Beer retail dealer's off-premise license
BG Wine and beer retailer's permit
BL Retail dealer's on-premise late hours license
BP Brewpub License
BQ Wine and beer retailer's off-premise permit
CB Caterer's permit
D Distiller's & Rectifier's Permit
DA Brewer's Self distribution permit
DB Manufacturer Self distribution permit
E Local cartage permit
ET Local cartage transfer permit
FB Food and beverage certificate
G Winery Permit
GS Winery Storage Permit
L Private storage permit
LB Mixed beverage late hours permit
LP Local distributor's permit
MB Mixed beverage permit
MI Minibar permit
N Private club registration permit
NB Private club beer and wine permit
NE Private club exemption certificate permit
NL Private club late hours permit
O Private Carrier's permit
P Package store permit
PE Beverage cartage permit
PS Package store tasting permit
Q Wine only package store permit
RM Mixed beverage restaurant permit with FB
W Wholesaler's Permit

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